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Visual, Illustration, WCAG Accessibility, Marketing, CSS, HTML

In a Nutshell


The common thread through all of my responsibilities at Attentive was my passion for accessibility. From implementation to education, I was at the forefront of shifting accessibility left in our daily workflow.

Client Design

Working with hundreds of various clients, from budding small businesses to household brand names, has made me a true chameleon who is able to seamlessly adapt and design for anyone.


As a design lead and head of inclusive design, I guided teams to action and actively sought out how to generate more impact and foster a welcoming work environment where teammates felt purpose in their work.


As head of the Inclusive Design Pod, I led a team of designers in educating our clients and fellow colleagues about accessibility and what it means to design with inclusivity in mind. I facilitated presentations every quarter to help spread awareness and to train others on best practices. I also conducted numerous accessibility audits that ensured our content was up to par.

I am proud to have left Attentive in a better place in regards to accessibility and inclusivity than when I joined. It is rewarding to see things that I implemented are still serving their purpose presently.

The assets below were designed for our SMS library so users can easily incorporate themed and holiday visuals within their SMS messages. They are not geared toward any specific brand but instead are made to be more generic so that multiple brands can utilize them in a pinch for their seasonal promotions. In addition to still images, I would also help optimize and create GIFs.

SMS Asset Gallery

Sign-Up Units

Below you'll find examples of the hundreds of designs I've completed for a wide array of clients, each following their very specific and unique brand guidelines. These sign-up units have converted website, Instagram, and email traffic into valuable SMS subscribers for our clients.

As always, all designs were created while keeping accessibility and WCAG standards as a priority. The process of designing sign-up units was really a balance of making sure our standards of inclusivity were met while also satisfying our clients' special requests.

Mobile/Desktop Pop-Ups

The primary versions of sign-up units were fullscreen landing pages or modals that sit on top of the primary page. Client requests often included things that were not available in our UI builder and required additional HTML and CSS.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories had their own set of accessibility guidelines and allowed us to do more with the layout. Since they aired for a short duration, we'd often create multiple versions for clients to use.


Spin-to-Win was the newest version of sign-up unit, and since it was still in it's beta phase, we were in charge of doing many of the customizations manually. We were instrumental in identifying pain points as we continued iterations.

#imspeakingbeattentive (aka ISBA) is an employee resource group that strives to create a community of people who identify as a woman where everyone felt welcome to discuss current events and make Attentive a more inclusive place to work. As the Design Lead, I contributed to the group's brand through announcement posts, weekly newsletters, and event materials. I did a lot to promote our group and made an impact by increasing our membership exponentially during Woman's History Month. I initiated conversations with weekly questions and fostered deeper connections among members which is what kept people constantly enthusiastic and actively participating.

We organized an hosted events throughout the year to educate on women's rights, bond with members, and turn our words into action. We successfully exceeded our charitable donations goals and created reform within our company to better serve the women working there.


Team Spirit

Although not formally part of my job description, I was dedicated to building our team morale. As we worked cross-functionally, we would always hear similar feedback about how close-knit our team was and it translated into how well we worked with each other.

I loved organizing and leading team activities like Trivia, Movie Night, Workrooms, and more! I helped create a Strategic Design team newsletter to also keep the greater company in the loop on all the great things are team has been up to.

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