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Collage of various shapes in various color gradients

Welcome to my canvas

My name is Dana Del Poso and I am a visual designer looking to bring joy, accessibility, and ease into every experience


Likes: picking fruit, my dog Bruce, convincing myself that I can DIY anything

Dislikes: leaving leftovers, my lactose intolerance, when my fiddle leaf fig drops a leaf 

My Latest Projects

My 9-5

As a multi-disciplinary designer, I've learned to embrace the humbling truth that I can't be an expert in everything. But hey, that's what Google, ChatGPT, and Youtube tutorials are for!


I'm the first to admit that I've had my fair share of design mishaps along my self-taught journey. We all do! But those experiences have taught me the power of learning from my mistakes and growing as a designer. With each job and project I hope to gain more of an understanding for what users need and what makes an experience spark joy.

A driver in their car holding a phone showing an Instacart Shopper app mockup

Instacart Shopper

UX/UI, Mobile App, User Research, Wireframes, Hi-fi Prototype

An iPhone mockup of an HP home screen

HP Inc.

UX/UI, Visual, Interaction, Desktop/Mobile App, iOS/Windows

A mockup of a Sephora pop-up ad


Visual, Illustration, WCAG Accessibility, Marketing, CSS, HTML


Past Projects, Case Studies, UX/UI, Design Challenges, Mobile App

My 5-9

Design finds it way into my hobbies as a personal passion to share my creations with others. Whether it's creating custom greeting cards for friends or hosting dinners, I find fulfillment in bringing a touch of beauty and delight into the lives of others.

In the end, design brings me pure joy and fulfillment in endless ways. It allows me to explore my imagination, connect with others, and leave a small, colorful mark on the world.

Cherry blossoms in front of a brick building



A large frame on a desk with an illustration of a flower field and house

Digital Art

Figma, Procreate, Illustrator

An acrylic painting of multiple irises on canvas

Traditional Art

Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink, 3D

A dumpling on a white plate with various flower petals

Home Cooking

Tasting Menu, Plating, Baking